"The Relationships You Want, The Health You Want... The Business That You Want, Will All Be Achieved In Brotherhood"
From: Nicholas Bayerle
Hey man, I'm so pumped to see you at BDB LIVE.. 

This 2 1/2 day event is curated to create an environment to help you enter your ultimate state of health, power, and confidence using the three pillars of today's successful businessmen. 

For far too long businessmen have been known to sacrifice family and health to try to gain wealth, only to lose at all 3. 

There is one goal that unifies us in brotherhood and it's that we're creating a life where we can "have it all" by taking your Health, Business and Relationships to the next level.


"If you're not fit and healthy, you cannot accomplish anything"-Sir Richard Branson 

Your goal may be to: 
-Drop belly fat 
-Lose love handles
-Feel more confident 
-More energy 
-Mental clarity 
-Not feel stuck not knowing what to do 

You can 100% accomplish all of these goals and more by implementing 1 thing... 
We call it "value". 

We have helped thousands of men just like you transform their health and energy by just discovering and implementing the trainings we have on "value". 

This processed helped me drop 60 lbs of body fat, which helped me attract my wife of now 6 years and start the business that you are looking at today. And it will work for you too! 
"Behind every powerful man is a powerful mission and vision"-Nicholas Bayerle

The majority of businessmen out there have a hard time creating success, and even if they do,  growing it is a problem.

Their negative mindsets, past experiences, and limited skill set keeps them from achieving their ultimate state.

They know that if they don't grow their business, they will never have the joy, freedom, experiences, and fun life that they desire.

There is one thing that they are missing out on, and it's "who you surround yourself with, you become". 

Here is the simple truth: 

When you immerse yourself in a community of like-minded men that want to do HUGE things, you feed off of that energy. 

You start thinking the way they think, collaborating and connecting. You even start seeing the same by osmosis.. 

That's why we keep BDB Live an exclusive high-level community where you can be surrounded by bad ass men just like yourself that want to take their business and life to the next level. 
"If you don't have a growth plan for your relationship, then you have a failure plan"- Amanda Bayerle 

We tackle not only how you can attract high-level mentors and people into your life. 

But also how you can attract and keep the woman of your dreams.

The strategies we teach at BDB Live landed me a smoking hot wife that I've been married to for over 6 years.

A relationship where we are able to build our empire together.

So whether you are either looking to have a re-awakening in your relationship
if you are looking to attract the right person for a relationship, this has been one of the most impactful parts of BDB Live.

Some of the men from last year have actually gotten married and engaged since the last live event! 

Every King has his queen, but most men struggle finding the right woman, and also how to balance being a businessman in today's world while being a good boyfriend or husband.. 

For most men, it seems impossible, but at BDB we have cracked the code to having it all, and we cannot wait to share it with you. 
Last year BDB Live blew everyone away with the speakers and the caliber of attendees.

In BDB fashion we built on last year to bring a refined and explosive experience to have you leave more motivated than ever.

When you and I get to spend time around like minded men who are crushing it, it changes everything.

As they say, "Your network is your net-worth". 

Don't take my word for it though, check out the testimonials on this page.. 

Who you surround yourself with, you become. 

Jay is a marketing legend, internationally known speaker, and author. He has helped 10,000 clients in more than 400 industries. He's helped icons like Daymond John, Tony Robbins and Dave Asprey. Jay is referred to as "The 9.4Billion Dollar Man" for adding over nine billion dollars in combined profits to his client's bottom lines. 
Alex's career has been filled with consulting Fortune 500 companies, growing a real estate company, and now business owners scale their team successfully. He's passionate about his wife, two daughters and helping entrepreneurs gain and keep momentum every day. 
Dr. Glover is the author of "No More Mr. Nice Guys" where he helps men win in love, sex, and life. He has a Ph.D in marriage and family therapy and led mens groups for over 20 years, results in thousands of mens lives changed. 
Nicholas is the host of BDB Live. Since founding Billion Dollar Body, he's gone on to be named a top 30 under 30 entrepreneur, top millennial to watch in 2018, and creating The Brotherhood- a high level community of businessmen. 
Kevin is the Founder of Strive & Grind, a creative branding boutique. He's also an internationally known speaker. Kevin is passionate about branding, sales and inspiring other African American men to become successful leaders. 
Amanda is the First lady and COO of Billion Dollar Body. She also is a speaker and producer of the Billion Dollar Body podcast. She is passionate about marriage and helping men find the woman of their dreams. 
Joost is a former Navy Seal that has turned into full time entrepreneur. He is an investor in businesses and real estate and obsessed with everything Cryptocurrency. He also is a military advisor on movies and actor.  
Tommy grew a successful company that he sold for 7 figures and has since become a real estate investor, actor and stand up comedian. He can be found making people laugh while also inspiring them to give back. 
Douglas is a former Navy Corpsman that built a Facebook Advertising Company while serving. Known as "The High-Ticket Client Guy", he leads Entrepreneurs into finding and acquiring High Paying Customers using Paid Ads. 



"Being able to connect with High Profile Entrepreneurs that have decades of experience and Millions of dollars invested is what I love about BDB. I’ve been able to link with some powerful players and create wealth generating systems that will pay off for the next 10+ years." 


"I met lifelong friends at this event. Men who have helped me through the worst of times and the best of times. Since going to the event I've felt comfortable in my own skin and confident about my future."


"BDB live is where action takers collaborate. I've been to well over 30 events in the last couple years and this is one of the best yet. The energy in the room is next level. Nicholas and Amanda lead with purpose and vision. Simply by learning from them and the speakers they are associated with will set you apart from your competition."


"Do yourself a favor and get yourself to BDB Live. It will change your life for the better and you can hangout with all of us inside of The Brotherhood."
Chelann says: 

"I think for me one of the most amazing parts of the event was seeing a group of 100 men gather together for the purpose of calling themselves and each other to a higher standard of living. 

It was amazing to feel the power in the room and see so much dramatic change happen in such a short amount of time. 
I think it's so important for men to gather with like-minded men who are where they want to be. 

Community is everything and the community of BDB is solid. 
I think so many men could benefit from the event alone. BDB always goes above and beyond!"

Amanda says: 

"Seeing firsthand the results of BDB Live and this Brotherhood, I believe that every woman wants the men in their life to be a part of it. I have heard countless women say their man has never been the same since BDB Live (in a good way). 

Men physically, spiritually, and emotionally thrive in brotherhood. This event will give men lifelong friendships, connections and one of the best weekends of their life. Seeing the transformation in men's lives, such as getting married to the woman of their dreams, gaining a brotherhood to support them, making 10x more money  gives me so much joy" 

Devona says:

"You're definitely gonna want to attend BDB Live! This event has brought my husband (and myself) amazing new connections and long-lasting friendships. Not only that, but major growth in our business and personal lives thanks to the knowledge gained and connections made.  It attracts the most badass, genuine, supportive, and powerful men. Everyone is like family. Most of these men have become brothers to my husband, and have been way more supportive than our "real" family has ever been. 

What more can I say? I know you wouldn't be reading what us women are saying if you didn't already know you wanted to attend this event. So do yourself a favor, and buy your ticket right now. I promise you won't regret it."
Don't leave success up to chance. 

Some men leave success up to chance by saying "I will see if it fits with my schedule" Or "I have to think about it longer". 

One of the biggest keys to successful businessmen is decision making.

You and I are alike and know that it's not about "good" or "bad" decisions. 

The #1 reason for failure in businessmen that don't go to events like this is "Indecision" the inability to make decisions quickly.. 

Whereas people like you and I have more pain for "missed opportunity" that the pain of regret. 

If you have read this far, you're going to want to grab a ticket and I'll see you in San Diego.  
What is the outline for the weekend? What should I expect?
BDB LIVE occurs on June 8-10 2018. We begin Friday with a “Sky’s the Limit Rooftop Party” at 6:00 PST to network and enjoy the epic view. Both Saturday and Sunday you’ll be in group talks, breakout sessions, and networking meetings from 8:30-6:30.
We’ll serve Billion Dollar Body approved lunches and encourage people to connect before and after the scheduled events.

Additionally for those who purchase a VIP Ticket, you will be having your VIP Dinner on Saturday night at 7:00. 

If you have other specific questions about the outline feel free to email me at
Where is it? Where should I stay in San Diego?
BDB LIVE is at the impressive DoubleTree Hotel in downtown San Diego, California. We will use the immaculate rooftop pool, the conference rooms, the lobby, and restaurant to connect and work. You can learn more about the hotel and see pictures here.
How many people will be there?
BDB LIVE is limited to 140 men (only 50 VIP Tickets). This ensures that everyone has a chance really connect with other like-minded men and can get the most out of the workshops. It will sell out, so grab your seat today!
What if I buy a ticket and can't attend?
First, that would be a huge bummer. But I know that life happens and sometimes things are unavoidable. I’m happy to move the ticket to another man who you want to attend and even make a post in the group that you are selling your ticket. E-mail us if that's the case. (That being said I want to make it clear that there are no refunds once you purchase a ticket.)
I want to buy this as a gift. How can I do that? 
 This is a great idea for a business partner, friend, or family member. Buy the ticket, and email to let us know you want to change someone’s life forever.
Are women allowed to attend? 
All of the attendants at the event will be men. However there will be a few women around volunteering. My wife, Amanda, will help facilitate and coordinate the event.  If your significant other would love to come, she can help volunteer. Email . 
Can I bring my significant other? 
We encourage you to make this weekend focused on you. The sessions will start early in the morning, and the discussions and conversations will last well into the evening. There won’t be much free time to spend with your girlfriend or wife, and we want your attention on your development, not on taking care of someone else.  If your significant other would love to come, she can help volunteer. Email to get in touch with Amanda. 
What do I get with my ticket? 
See the ticket description here. 
How is this different from other events? 
I thought you’d never ask. I’ve been to my fair share of masterminds. I’ve been to workshops, talks, retreats, and conferences. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ones that make you say, “I spent HOW much money on that?!” I’ve studied and brainstormed and curated this event to activate a breakthrough in your life. One major difference in BDB LIVE is that instead of talking about only one segment of your life, we’re talking about three of the biggest pieces: Health, Wealth, and Relationships. 

And we’re bringing them all together so you can assess where you are, identify where you want to be, and then grow a pair to do it.
BDB LIVE stands out among the crowd because it is specifically men only. A core component of our event is encouraging Brotherhood through team exercises and networking. We’re building an accountable community of men who are working on individual goals while encouraging each other. This is going to be unique, fun, and transformative in ways you’ll want to experience first hand.


"BDB Live is a game changer. The speakers that Nicholas and Amanda bring in are the highest caliber and the amount of applicable, actionable nuggets of information is massive. It’s in an intimate setting and not only do you get to know your fellow billion dollar brothers but the speakers as well. The biggest take aways are the relationships you form with men who are positioning them selves for success and leadership in all realms of life."


"BDB live connected me with a community that has transformed my life and allowed me to make connections that will benefit a lot of people. This event will give you access to a totally unique group that is revolutionizing business and networking."


"BDB Live was an amazing action packed event. While the speakers were great, the connections I made were even better. As businessmen we all want the same thing, to live a life by design, not by default. This is the kind of event that guides you to that place. Take action."


"Connecting with this group of men has brought me to a whole new level. We feel like as men of action we will have the things God has planned for us, that hope and desire that all of us have to dream again. "
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